Project Management

Horizon House Connect:

My most recent project was Horizon House Connect – the new intranet for connecting Horizon House residents.  I was the project owner/manager for this successful venture, which is believed to be one of the first of its kind (for seniors) in the country.

I worked closely with Jetstream Software developers and CEO, using agile methodology and Scrum framework. I kept the back-log, collected and tracked User Stories from our residents, tracked metrics and worked cross-departmentally.

The site includes a Directory, a Calendar and Individual Profiles editable by the user. The most challenging piece was the UX Writing – designing and aligning the sign-in and forgot/change password pathways, writing the microcopy and choosing the profile fields.

My former Job Description.

Horizon House Connect is password protected and contains proprietary information. The only live view is of the sign in page.